College students how to venture to invest in these projects earn

college students in the campus, you can also free time to start a business, so that not only can exercise their own, but also do a good job can receive a lot of profit returns. However, limited to their own conditions, the most suitable for college students to choose entrepreneurial projects, in addition to the network is the campus of the existing investment market, today we introduce a few suitable for campus investment projects.

students how to start? Big head store

business "Daitoutie" stores, the initial investment is part of the bulk purchase of equipment. A few years ago, operators can only buy Japanese imports of photographic equipment, 100 thousand yuan a, life 5-10 years, a large investment. Now, the domestic machine market, technical clearance, the effect is similar, the price was 13 thousand yuan, a substantial decline in investment cost. Fotocall shop has become hot money, because the "Daitoutie" shop does not have high requirements on the store area, the rent cost is relatively small, the purchase of equipment and store rent and staff salaries, the initial investment of about 30 thousand or so, the lower threshold of entrepreneurship.

students how to start? Fast food

opened a snack shop, shop in shop business will play a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place. According to the traditional experience, a north-south on Commercial Street, South to Mong north; to open, east to West Mong surface; and a traditional commercial street, the most popular is not two, nor in the middle, and half of the place but nearly half, almost is in line with the golden section law. Of course, this is not absolute, in the guidance of advanced concept of modern commercial environment design, from human nature, psychology, habits and other factors into consideration, can often create a home shop stores are a miracle, so in this special industry in the fast food industry must pay attention to this point.

students how to start? Jigsaw shop

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