Zhang Yanqun with four reasonable to solve the problem of cigarette sales season is not light

any one of the shops will have a difference in the operation of the season, the season is not worried about the sale of goods, but also need to master the off-season to master more business skills. Cigarette sales seasonal factors significantly, followed by changes in the weather began to enter the cold winter state. However, I recently visited the market with the client manager found that some retail sales of cigarettes, as always, what is the reason?

new Yongjia non-staple food store owner Zhang Yanqun said: "the secret to achieve store cigarette sales in the off-season, going from four of Kung fu."

is a good store display. Cigarettes will be displayed in the store prominently in the store, so that consumers can clearly see all kinds of cigarettes into the store, with a variety of display, can effectively promote the store cigarette sales.

two is a reasonable optimization of cigarette structure. Cigarettes and other commodities, there are high and low secondary points. Store sales of cigarettes to cover different consumer groups demand for various grades of cigarette, Feng Jian by the people, so as to retain consumers at all levels.

three is a reasonable use of social tools. With the development of science and technology, WeChat, micro-blog and other social tools and people’s daily life are inseparable, we should make good use of social networking tools, the higher loyalty, valuable consumers set up exchange group, on the one hand can enhance mutual exchanges, enhance the consumer loyalty; on the other hand can promote the cigarette brand, so that consumers understand the brand information you can also collect consumer demand; through the exchange platform, to meet consumer demand.

four is the rational use of retail terminal management sales platform. The platform of modern cigarette retail terminal sales management provides a sales management tool for our retail customers, so that we can fully grasp the cigarette sales daily store, including cigarette sales, gross margin, inventory amount, structure, etc., to provide accurate data support for cigarette sales activities in the next step.


cigarette product sales in the off-season is indeed affected, but as long as the owners can according to the market continues to develop more business strategy, be able to meet the demand to consumers, the same can not short off-season. Of course, the above described by the small four reasonable may wish to become more reference to the owner of the method, I believe will be of great help to the management of their own shops.

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