How to join Henan Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup

Henan Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, joined the Henan Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup project, is also a very good choice. Henan to join the free town of Hu Xiang Tang project, worthy of trust!

Xiaoyao town to join the soup to make money?

for all units and individuals to join, the company will give a full range of guidance shop, to help operate. Henan xiaoyaozhen joined Hu soup? Xiaoyaozhen Hu soup snack franchise headquarters to the business for many years to accurately grasp Hu Latang catering market and perfect follow-up security system as the basis, to ensure that each franchisee can succeed.

Henan Xiaoyao Hu spicy soup to join? See the advantages of joining


I. marketing support:

location planning


2. store planning

two. Technical support:

1. Chinese famous snacks – Xiaoyao town Hu spicy soup technician training

2. management training

three. Management support:

1. employee system

2. responsibilities

3. management before and after

4. opening instruction

four. Operational support:

1. turnover forecast

2. business performance forecast

3. profit and loss analysis

4. follow up

five. Brand support:

can enjoy the town of Xiaoyao soup brand and the company won the honor.

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