Banan District a series of preferential policies to support the public space

one of the effective measures to support the current government is to accelerate the construction of public space, to achieve a combination of incubation and investment for the majority of innovative entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for development. Issued by the State Council said that to build a number of professional service platform in 2020.

"team from the initial 5 to now increased to 24 people, I was with the intern now grow as the backbone of the company." Engaged in three-dimensional architectural animation design and development of Zhang Jidong, the formation of entrepreneurial team last year, this year set up a Chongqing Xin Hui Culture Communication Co., ltd.. He told the Chongqing evening news reporter, after graduating from the Chongqing Institute of engineering, the number of cities across the country, has experienced entrepreneurial failure, to give up a high paying job, and now officially settled in Banan district created a working space to open their own companies. Banan chose to settle down, because Banan is committed to build a city of innovation and entrepreneurship Park, hit off the house, also recently introduced a 28 favorable policies, including college students, cultivating all kinds of young creative talents and innovative team, driven by the expansion of employment.

series of preferential policies to support the public record space

"currently Banan region to declare the construction of public record space reached 12, which create space, speed beyond maxspace 7 will have access to Municipal Science and technology award." Banan District Commission relevant person in charge, the district is accelerating the construction of the public record for all the space business service platform. Simplify the registration process, to provide convenience for the business registration of entrepreneurial enterprises, truly low-cost, open, providing a good investment and resource sharing space for entrepreneurs.

Small and micro businesses registered more than 10000

popular "phoenix" Chongqing tourism map, lead the students to the formation of the team Chongqing phoenix culture creative studio by the famous artist Mr. Cai Yuehong, this is the Banan representative of the cultural and creative industries incubator. It is understood that the Phoenix map circulation has exceeded 5 million, in 2010 as a geographical image of Chongqing participated in Shanghai, World Expo.

Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Bureau Banan branch responsible person, Banan District Small and micro businesses development network has been officially opened on-line, the site is the city’s first small oriented by the government to build the micro integrated service platform of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, can provide booking services, business for eight functions. Small and micro businesses, large enterprises to drive the development of chamber of Commerce, the obligation of lawyers to provide free advisory services to the micro enterprises, subsequent subsidies rental, equipment purchase line technical support initiatives, alleviates the burden of micro enterprises recommended

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