How to create a competitive cabinet stores

integrated cabinet products have entered thousands of households, as many consumers are in favor of kitchen supplies, entrepreneurs choose to open a cupboard franchise, is quite promising, how to create a competitive cabinets stores? It is necessary to create a good atmosphere and develop effective incentive policies!

Some of the problems, according to the

survey of the cabinet industry terminal stores found such as: cabinet shop turnover rate is low, the store atmosphere, negative work, lack of security to quit, Xiaobian to solve these problems has made a series of adjustment programs, the implementation of the program aims to build a very capable of fighting. Has the sword spirit high cabinet team.

to create a good atmosphere inside the cabinet

cabinets franchise store atmosphere is very important, a good atmosphere can continue to inspire guide cabinet morale, normal or even better their ability and form a positive attitude; on the contrary, lifeless atmosphere directly from the shop assistant passion, cabinet selling work will become cope with the job, want to say say, want to do can do, greatly reduce the success rate of orders.

develop effective incentives

the best way to mobilize the enthusiasm of the individual’s incentive, incentive has many kinds, such as positive incentives and negative incentives in nature; such as spiritual incentive, material incentive from the content; such as long-term incentive, incentive and so on from time to time.

adjustment measures:

1, institutional incentives. Reduce the basic tasks, each of the cabinets stores shopping guide to complete basic tasks under normal circumstances, slightly to be able to get the Commission, that their next single take Commission, take much less, then less, do not take no


2, material incentive. Basic salary + commission salary form, high salary high percentage; complete the monthly sales task (different from the basic task) prize, finish the monthly basic task punished; multi award less punishment;

3, elimination. Two consecutive months ranked the first of the first warning; for the first time in a row for the first time in three months into the trial period.

4, spiritual motivation. Weekly and monthly meeting on the outstanding performance of the spirit of the award, election cabinet stores monthly sales champion;

5, timely incentive. In the "3.15", "5.1" and other activities during the establishment of the basic task (basically completed), dash (efforts to complete the task (), super hard to complete, and collective orders) award, to complete the task immediately after the implementation of "award

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