Business can not do too good boss

is now a lot of shopkeepers are very good, however, a lot of time is this kind of good, will let the owner suffer. This is not, Lee boss home business fire. The shop is his house up and down, two storey building. Under the supermarket to do business, do warehouse and live upstairs.

boss Lee eat a whole, now all hated teeth itch. Business is not busy that afternoon, Lee boss let the ladies go shopping, a shop. Boring pole, the store opened, came to a head wrapped gauze like middle-aged migrant workers. He is in no hurry to pick things, but neither fast nor slow and Lee boss gossip.


is not busy, he would be free to listen to the story. Migrant workers said they dozen individuals overseas to work, now going back to completion. The contractor has to run, but under their blocking the big boss of the car for money, but was beaten covered all over with cuts and bruises……

"There is no law

! Tell them to go! Can not bully the migrant workers." Lee boss heard not only filled with righteous indignation. Migrant workers seem to suddenly think of what, embarrassed to say: big brother, I borrow the bathroom to facilitate the way so far no public toilet." He is the boss Lee see T-shirts big pants, presumably not stealing. With a finger, you go to my home bathroom, two floor staircase is. The door is open.

for a while, migrant workers down, thanks, goodbye.

boss Lee there is some whisper ran two floor look at the toilet behind the closed window open. I think this is a bad thing, then check the warehouse was found less than a dozen high-grade cigarettes……

the author comments, now all kinds of fraud so much, if want to cheat door door could not cheat, cheat, cheat to start so often not straight into the theme. They do everything possible to get the trust, opportunistic fraud. It can be seen that migrant workers liar is a partner in crime, they prepare in advance, carefully arranged. Using the shopkeeper’s compassion liar. The owner of a stranger to be vigilant, storage room admittance.

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