4 common sales turnover method

do anything we want to have a sales report, especially, their products will be successfully sold, their value can be achieved, then we should take what kind of sales mode, and what we know of the sales transaction method, we went to see.

the sales staff and customers, sales staff need to understand customers and customers, old customers also had to sell the product, so the direct request for old customers generally do not resent saiesman.

if customers interested in selling products, but also showing the intention to buy, a buy signal, but also a moment undecided, or unwilling to take the initiative to put forward transaction requirements, sales staff can promote customer purchase request transaction method.


method has the advantages of transaction request

1 fast transaction


the sales can save time, improve work efficiency.

the sales staff can embody a flexible, initiative and enterprising spirit of sales.

request transaction method

assumed transaction method


select transaction method


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