A part time pet shop counter attack into the rich guy

many families are keen to keep a pet, the pet as a family to treat, to open a pet shop have earned. A young part-time open pet shop, did not expect to earn 300 thousand years, the successful implementation of the counter attack, has become a wealth Master.

on pet dog food webs

2000, he graduated from college. He majored in computer science, and soon found a job in a network company. Start from the grass-roots workers, working is 5 years, now has to do the management.

2002 years, very much like the pet to use their own knowledge of the network, a pet website. Pet shop to open the site as a platform, he met a lot of friends who love pets, we often take their pet party. Open a pet shop to make money? The party, the dog is always very conspicuous: hair wash very clean, but also wearing the latest pet clothing, wearing the most popular pet accessories. Thus, one after another to ask him where these pet accessories where to buy, and sometimes let him buy on behalf of.


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