Grasp the quality of entrepreneurship education should start from the doll

entrepreneurship education from the "doll" crawl, perhaps in the parents is premature, but cultivate good innovation and entrepreneurship, start from the "doll" is not an exaggeration, in order to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education can not relax.

in foreign countries, attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education from the "doll" grab. Sweden in primary school teaching, entrepreneurship education into the curriculum and the game, so that the concept of entrepreneurship rooted in the hearts of children. The United States focus on entrepreneurship education into family life, cultivate children’s self consciousness and independent consciousness, many children every summer, the streets will be selling lemon juice, in addition to the one to earn money, but also their life in the first "entrepreneurial" experience.

how to awaken and cultivate awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship? Many scholars have studied from the perspective of classroom teaching. However, the classroom is only a part of the students’ growth education, based on the big classroom of students’ education and development.

Is the overall method


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