What are the costs of running dance classes

‘s parents hope that their children can give their children so versatile, at a dance class, learning dance can help to develop their personality, and let them grow up to have a perfect body, let temperament so formed. How much does it cost to open a dance class?

in order to improve their entrepreneurial success rate, many people choose to join the brand instead of their own business. The brand joined the dance training courses, investors need to pay a certain amount of money to join the headquarters and the headquarters of the brand, but also need to bear their own rent, decoration, equipment, labor wages and other costs. In order to help you more in-depth understanding of this problem, the following small to lesser dance training as an example, for details.

1, join fee

investors to join in the process, the use of lesser dance training trademarks and brand, to lesser dance training headquarters to pay a franchise fee. The cost is not very high, each store franchise fee of 60 thousand yuan.

2, margin

margin is the brand headquarters constraints on investment, when the contract expires, if the investor to perform the contract, but does not affect the brand image that brand headquarters will deposit refunded to the franchisee. Xiaoya dance training margin is 20 thousand yuan.

3, annual management fee

in order to improve the success rate of the investment business, the headquarters will help investors to store management and publicity. Of course, these are not free, the annual investment need to Xiaoya dance training headquarters to pay 30 thousand yuan management fee.

4, rent costs

a lesser dance training class stores, store area is not too small, not too remote location, where the rent is relatively high. On the three line of large communities near the city of a square meter of the store to calculate the monthly rent of about $15 thousand in 150.

5, renovation costs

in order to ensure the unity of the brand image, Xiaoya dance training headquarters will require investors to carry out renovation in accordance with the unified style, calculated according to 1000 yuan per square meter renovation standards, 150 square meters of shops need to spend 150 thousand yuan.

opened a dance class, to win the attention of consumers, can let them into our classroom, let the children while learning to dance, a hard-working spirit, so that they can grow recommended

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