Liu Qiangdong never enjoyed the premarital property


network has now become a very fast news dissemination way, after some time ago in the network of tea sister Zhang Zetian and the Jingdong Mister Liu Qiangdong’s affair was exposed has attracted much attention of netizens.

8 8 July, Liu Qiangdong and tea sister exposed marriage licensing message, according to insiders revealed that Liu Qiangdong is at the end of May in Australia to tea sister marmon.

insider said, the evening of May 26th, in Australia on a yacht, Liu Qiangdong to tea sister Zhang Zetian to marry him, tea MM is certainly tearful promised, from that moment, "milk east love came to fruition. Allegedly, the scene only more than and 10 of Liu Qiangdong’s relatives and friends to witness. The insider also said that at the end of May Liu Qiangdong and tea sister to Australia, is to marry in the local.

reported earlier:

8 8, netizen exposure tea sister Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian appeared in the Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau licensing of marriage photos, two people take the photo of a marriage certificate, a happy face sweet smile. In the photo, Liu Qiangdong and tea sister in the Civil Affairs Bureau under oath of marriage, husband and wife two people take a photo of the marriage certificate of sweet smile, Liu Qiang East hugged wife’s waist, very sweet.

see here, I believe everyone will have some different views, at the same time, a lot of people for their premarital property Liu Qiangdong segmentation is very clear understanding, but also reflects the present marriage law has become more and more perfect in china.


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