Sixteen years of achievements in the Chinese soul

sixteen years ago, he is in reality a soil sow the seeds of dreams, in the ideal land carefully cultivated; sixteen years later, when the treadmill "Kang Lin" brand into the thousands of households, every corner of the world go out of the country, his dream bloom, he is Guangzhou Kang Lin brand founder — Tan Yiping! In sixteen years, he led a national sporting goods company has experienced the development process from scratch, from small to big excellence.

the time back to ten years ago, many private enterprises emerge. But because of China’s sports industry development started late, low starting point, enterprise technology innovation and R & D capability is weak, many enterprises have to act as the role of foreign brands of processors. Foreign brands to seize a large chunk of the Chinese market, the formation of their own brands a great competition and threat. Kang Lin is in this market environment, the original research and development, the production of the first treadmill – KL9919, from then on, Lin took a milestone on the road of development. The success of research and development and sales of KL9919 let Kang Lin in the science and technology innovation and development in high and vigorous spirits on the road, quickly laid Kang Lin in the fitness equipment industry’s position.

The reason

rooted in the local community, Kang Lin grow

"word of mouth" gold silver cup as the people, rooted in the fertile soil of domestic fitness market, Kang Lin won the reputation of products, and with a reputation to win the development. At present, Kang Lin has established all kinds of brand image of terminal more than and 200 stores in the country, sales network all over the.

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