Often fall into the wrong management of children’s clothing stores

many children’s clothing operators are very confused, why their children’s clothing store sales have been unable to go. Investigate its fundamental, it may be because operators in the management of children’s clothing store into a few mistakes. Need to know, children’s clothing is the main body of the child, but children’s clothing consumption is the object of parents.

The main consumption is


is the parent object consumption

we are sold to children’s mother, this is true, because the child is no consumption ability, there is no subjective awareness of the consumer, so that children’s clothes are sold directly to the mother to indirect child! Why is sold to the mother, not the father or other people, it is obvious that we can think about is not around, most of the time is my mother gave the children to buy clothes shoes, Dad, grandma and grandpa to buy toys, of course, this is not absolute but most! So, when shopping for children, the mother’s performance more, so never! In the children’s clothing franchise some strategy to mother thinking to consider, such as: language habits and mind.

clear who consumption, consumption is for who. So the owner can be very good to carry out their own children’s clothing store management, including the store’s marketing, layout, marketing tools, shopping guide training, etc.. Xiao Bian think children’s franchise business, although not one or two words will be able to clear the number, but the owner must grasp the principles of management.

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