Stores can also carry out promotional activities

when it comes to promotion, people think of a variety of large business super in a special day to do the activities, and for the store, almost all the year round is the same business. So, immediately approaching the Spring Festival, as I do not have a strong capital, there is no large businesses to provide sponsorship fees, and no professional promotion team of small shops, is not the same as the big business to engage in promotion? In my opinion, as long as you analyze their own shop situation, to grasp some of the principles of promotion, I would like to, small shop promotion, this really can be.

promotion, the shop has a certain principle of thinking: accounting profits, do not let a sale hurt his vitality. If it is a special promotion, the intensity is small, can not afford to pay attention to, the intensity of the small shops can not afford. So we must do before the promotion budget; don’t use some fake genuine goods at a fair price, promotion, inferior to woo customers. Customer perceived, for your shop will be very offensive, so promotion counterproductive, according to local conditions, according to the The loss outweighs the gain.; promotion of their own actual situation, according to the way of surrounding consumer groups and to develop, not mechanically, copying other people’s practice.

if you do a good job in preparation for the promotion, I can recommend you several promotional methods, I hope you do a good reference.

is the marketing mix of two related goods, such as washing powder and soap packaged together and sold, one marked "free" promotions.

is the best marketing mix and businessmen jointly held. Businesses put some goods and gifts to us together, must be put to good use, improve store popularity will be not difficult. Can also be used to store some small packaging, but good quality is not high visibility and sales of goods, as a gift to the customers taste and use, so as to win the customer’s favor, to stimulate customers to buy the main sale of goods, but also conducive to improve the visibility of the gifts.

purchase promotion is to limit the number of customers to buy, the amount of the purchase can be achieved after the purchase of the designated goods opportunity. For example, the full 100 yuan, you can receive a gift of $5, or the return of cash.

compared with the price, discount and other promotional methods, redemption promotion may be a better promotion way: on the one hand, customers only buy a certain limit, in order to exchange the corresponding commodity, it will make some customers more treasure redemption opportunities. On the other hand, if the purchase of goods is very attractive, some customers in order to achieve the amount of purchase, often outside of the planned consumption, which will undoubtedly promote the sale of goods in the store.

special promotions are the most commonly used methods of promotion in the supermarket, because the price of the most attractive to consumers. Carry out special promotions can bring tangible benefits to the old customers, but also attract new customers to pay attention to the shop, so that those who do not intend to buy goods

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