Store opening publicity can be combined in various forms

now shop owners are aware of the need to do a good job of publicity, but the general publicity is often a form of it, is the cause of people’s attention, but often the effect is not very good. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that, in fact, the store opened publicity can be combined in a variety of forms, so as to protect the greater success of the opening.

The opening of

activities in addition to combining the current characteristics of social events, can also be combined with a variety of forms, do both combination of various techniques, mobilize all the participants’ attention, make everyone into perspective.

Huang Jiyi had planned to do when opened a clothing store, that store owner before the opening with a huge red silk cloth will cover all the whole clothing store. Although this will cover more than and 100 square meters of silk, but the shop owner still do it. Everything is ready, the clothing store opening ceremony of the day has finally arrived, this day, clothing shops in front of buildings, trees, and even bicycles are parked around the store wearing festive costumes, from 300 meters to the intersection of import clothing stores along the road, is full of colorful flags fluttering.

clothing store is surrounded by a warm atmosphere, a giant hydrogen balloon dragging a huge publicity slogans, convey the greeting of the clothing store to the guests and their wishes for the future. Especially with more than and 100 meters of silk covered the clothing shop made her both like a red shawl, a huge battle to soldiers; and like a forthcoming Chuge, cheeky shy beauty, so that a single sound of cannons, opened her festive hijab is enough to make people move, and in the clothing store before there are passionate hip-hop, which also interspersed with civilian models (not professional models, and the general public).

young friends, love to watch the people, news media reporters also came, one exclaimed, without beam with joy, the clothing store opened the cannons, could not wait to be opened to see red silk cloth. "Opened, the clothing store opened!" As the owner of the clothing store without high, clear voice, salute to the sound, the balloon fly, symbolize good luck and happiness of peace in the sky up, and go over the band, with loud music makes the clothing store became a sea of joy, a huge body of red silk dress shop the gently tear. Shop door opened, the original clothing store sales of products that are just those who dance hip-hop actors and civilian models who wear fashionable casual wear.

was just walking, jumping civilian models and hip-hop actor has now become a "static model", a variety of corners or standing or sitting in the store to follow the prescribed order distribution, face from time to time to the guests to throw out a humorous expression. The power of example is infinite. Because it is the store opened in the day with a living model, so many young customers to find the same clothes and models, try also

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