The future development prospect of the rebate website

With the continuous development of

electricity supplier, its fierce competition can be imagined. Thus, the major sites have to seek the direction of development. "I go to Taobao with a user, the last traded 100 stores, profits 20, I 10, I returned to consumers 5, all three parties benefit." – the rebate site is described the meaning of their own existence.

such site has a large number of popular in Fujian, reporters call the Fujian province Industrial and Commercial Bureau MLM advisory telephone, a staff member explained that the different practices and had been punished for "hundred percent rebate network" website, user registration is the actual consumption, rather than by adding to the "on line" pay a commission, but now the rebate site to pull the head, and through the "offline" consumption to calculate "on-line" compensation way has been very close to the pyramid, can be defined as a disguised pyramid.

well-known lawyer Zhao Hu think, marketing is the essence of business model is larger than the real sales, this way the rebate network only one line, and there is kind of sales, should belong to the marketing strategy; Liaoning Asia Pacific chief lawyer Dong Yizhi law firm believes that it already belongs to the edge ball behavior.


in the announcement of a rebate site, the user can be obtained by.

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