Zhengzhou economic and cultural center how to expand eastward

the development of the city, many places in order to further promote the effective development of their own, in the continuous expansion of their territory! So, Zhengzhou economic and cultural center of the eastward expansion is how to return a responsibility? What kind of specific program strategy? The following and small series of specific understanding.

the province’s political, economic and cultural center of Zhengzhou, east to East, constantly expanding". Recently, Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou city planning approved Baisha Group, thus a new bunch of gorgeous city lights began in the eastern part of Zhengzhou.

6 month 17 days, the reporter interviewed relevant departments, understand the details of development of new energy and new city bred to Pak tour planning.

Zhengzhou and Kaifeng City big

opened to the west, east of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng City Baisha Group is big. From Zhengzhou City Planning Bureau data, Baisha Group West planning area of Beijing high-speed, East New G107, north of Zhengzhou along the the Yellow River City, south of the Longhai railway, a total area of about 156 square kilometers. The tour center area include the West Beijing high-speed road east of the new G107, North Lianhuo expressway, south of the Longhai railway area and Putian community, an area of about 80.25 square kilometers.

"plan of Pak tour is the core of public cultural services to promote the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone and the Zhengzhou metropolitan area as an opportunity to realize Pak tour from " " park; vocational education; " " ecological wisdom of public service core area; the strategic transformation, to create efficient, harmonious and livable living services the environment."

Zhengzhou City Planning Bureau, responsible person, Pak tour function as a public service, the core area of ecological wisdom in public cultural services, administrative services, high-end business. Around this function positioning, the development of the conference center, hotel business, finance, entertainment, research and innovation, education and training, high-end business oriented features.

to create the four district new group

reporter learned that the planning target of Baisha Group, is the wisdom of creating a high-end business district, cultural charm of the demonstration area, high efficient and intelligent administrative region and ecological environmental protection in the first district.

– the high-end business district of wisdom, is to play a regional radiation ability of Baisha Group, through the planning of corporate headquarters district and high-end business district to Pak tour has become the core growth pole of regional economic development, become the wisdom and capital accumulation coexist in the high-end business district.

— the charm of cultural demonstration area, Baisha Group is planning the construction will fully demonstrate the broad and profound cultural connotation in the Central Plains, recommended

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