How to choose Moss Burger

know there are a lot of food and Beverage Market Street Lane heard brand items, many brands of money not only to meet your needs, but also meet the need on your reputation. Take the Hamburg brand to join the project chestnut.

Moss Hamburg across the country, "street know Lane smell", investment to join you to fill the pot full of "at the same time, you can also continue to operate steadily. This is a rare powerful project. Moss joined the Hamburg project adhere to good taste is hot and cold for hot, hot and cold Bing Bing cool; hot delicious must be freshly made, Moss Hamburg to join the project most of the meals were the customers order, one is done, hot, meet the taste buds experience requirements. So how much is Moss burger?

how much does it cost to join Moss Hamburg? What are the advantages?

franchise fee:

standard store: 30 thousand

image store: 60 thousand

flagship store: 90 thousand

Moss Hamburg join advantages:

1, fashion stalls covers an area of small, low rent (mobile car without rent), less renovation costs, small start;

2, low cost, easy operation, no 1-2 shop attendant;

3, do not be restricted by a meal, do not need a table, show system to sell now, sale is packed, take good to take;

A new model of

4, low cost, Moss hamburger franchise fee, the core raw materials provided by the company unified headquarters, greatly reduce the purchase cost, reduce the cost of colleagues without losing the taste of food shoot two hawks with one arrow.

Moss Hamburg pioneering and innovative, and strive to join hands, consumers and franchisees have been loved and affirmed. The company won the "consumer trust unit" glorious title. At the same time, it is also a member of China Chain Management Association, a franchise record enterprise. Since more than nine years, we have a great enthusiasm to operate a new, distinctive fast-food chain system. Today, Moss Hamburg in the high speed and steady development, has become a shining star in China’s food and beverage industry.


above is the Moss burger of this brand is simply introduced, and if you’re interested to join the brand, please in our website under the message to us, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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