f you have these 7 characteristics then you are not suitable for Entrepreneurship

under the tide of the times, there are more and more people choose to embark on such a path of entrepreneurship. However, after such a path, the real success of the people is very few, more people are in failure and end. In fact, whether they are suitable for entrepreneurship, a lot of time has been reflected through a number of features. So, if you have the following 7 characteristics, obviously you are not suitable for entrepreneurship.

1. you won’t learn to assign work

as an entrepreneur, is also very reasonable in the early period of the principal and the ringing of the bell, with this opportunity to the company operation through inside and outside, also has a very excellent help for the future training of new staff. But with the company growing, you have to learn to work out, give Subordinates Trust, partnership.

if you’re the kind of "go away, I’m doing better than you!" Who shoulder the company all the work, not the proper allocation of tasks to others, may be man, but not so good for business.

2. you have a decision barrier

The total

in the menu to the front shilly-shally ten minutes, can not be determined to eat beef noodles or beef noodle soup of this kind of person, you may want to start learning decision-making skills. When you are an entrepreneur, you will encounter dozens of decisions every day, but not every decision allows you to sit in front of the table slowly thinking, some decisions require immediate decision.

may not be the best decision for a limited period of time, but the point is that you have to make decisions in a limited source of information and believe in yourself.

(you can still be a la carte for a long time, but the work of a quick decision entrepreneurs)

3. you don’t learn about financial knowledge

maybe you love challenges, creative, but do not understand financial statements, do not understand the basic accounting matters, you may not be interested in these complex accounting matters, it does not mean you do not know it. If you take everything to your accountant, if one day he escaped and fled, everything will come to nothing.

4. you don’t know how to get along with people

as an entrepreneur, society and customers, employees get along very important customers and employees are the object you have to rely on, if you don’t know how to get along with people, and you don’t want to engage employees working together, customers do not want to pay, your entrepreneurial path will be to fail.

5. do you want to do the old "omniscient" < / recommendation

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