Taobao and the new regulations have to recruit a new venture

Lu Zhiyin Ali revealed that the 9 million 500 thousand Taobao seller, about 3000000 stop shop, leaving about 80% losses, only 10% real money. A crop of another crop of university graduates to Taobao to start, with the parents hard-earned money first hit "praise", a year after the money to burn out, and a number of new entrepreneurs, start to burn… Flexible Na, successful business people to create new gameplay is not just money, and now, Taobao is no longer at Taobao, you have to do is to find a spare for themselves.


before you can use third party picture space, after August 1st only practical Taobao picture space, free after a year to start charging; now open platform new requirements in the enterprise must be a registered capital of more than 500 thousand and the application must access the poly spire, must pay; Taobao yesterday told the seller, after some categories of goods issued must be strictly controlled, so that the seller will no longer…… Business can play the best in the free space, but when your right-hand man is bound, you can complete your startup money business


housekeeper throughout the e-commerce market spokesman believes that changes must be pre emptive, no one can only wait for death. Taobao too much uncertainty, business people should grasp fate in their own hands, with the Taobao platform is also become a truly independent advocate good. Own is not an easy thing, but it’s better than sitting waiting for your death. If you do not want to find that one day, he actually became a Taobao wage earners, rather than originally thought the golden light of the "million fans", then please put your eyes on the future, put yourself up.

first, Taobao for the owner, do not let you fly pellmell independent shop. A lot of people may think that doing independent shop is to put aside their own resources, to come again. But the housekeeper business to tell you, do not let you move independent shop you can throw corn watermelon, the use of existing resources, a two venture, but this venture allows you to earn a lot of money you never thought. Taobao has a reputation, or already in Taobao’s platform to gather some of the target customers, then only need to skillfully put these traffic to your independent store, which solved the biggest problem — to do independent shop drainage, which is non Taobao incomparable.

secondly, for those who want to enter the electricity supplier to open the traditional mode of operation of the business model, to do an independent B2C mall, perhaps more settled than Taobao Tmall will be more meaningful. How to survive to do electricity supplier of traditional enterprises is a certain social celebrity? But also have their own fixed customer base. Do independent B2C mall on this basis, do not be afraid of the flow, with the existing brand reputation to the online channel to launch in a fixed customer base, although you may mind it will not impact your offline channels, but the impact is not impact, it depends on how you do it, if the relationship is independent of B2C mall and offline you can handle it, so this is a really open new profit road broad road.

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