Be careful when dealing with waste in retail business

shop to do business, there will always be a variety of cartons, many shopkeepers will regularly sell some waste. However, the treatment of this waste, but also need to be treated with caution. Today, I want to talk to you about the "waste disposal" topic. If you feel that the waste is not related to our retail customers, then take a look at the following examples of the sale of scrap!

Two days before

, peer Zhang told me once when he remembers the store there should be a hard "clouds" (purple) cigarette, but also could not find how to find. Just when Zhang is very upset, he often go to the store recycling Hu came to the door, still holding a hard "clouds" (purple) cigarette. Look at this situation, Zhang understand. Yes, because of his careless, he just put the cigarette misplaced unopened to Hu in a scrap heap!

there is another example of the retail customers in the body. Early summer day morning, leaflets want the ten double sell only in the winter the stock exchange places get thickened Hosiery Goods back to sell some summer. He went out to take the afternoon tights, but could not find out how. Where will it go?

ruled out the stolen factors, lobular thought at noon just sold those waste. He remembered, when he put those tights in a waste paper box, now that the waste paper box was missing. Fortunately, rag man lived nearby, so small soon from him back tights. Originally, he will be equipped with the pantyhose as useless junk boxes to sell.

tell me about myself. Although I did not want to understand the four hard "Yellow Crane Tower" (treasures) cigarette is how to "run" to the junk box, but one thing is certain: if I didn’t waste treatment care, those cigarettes worth 1000 yuan of money can only sell a scrap price!

business has been very busy, a careless, so that the business will be more likely to be affected. So, here, I and several colleagues to deal with the waste experience say it is for everyone to note, I hope everyone in the processing of waste when carefully re cautious.

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