China Mobile nternet users less than 200 million is not the size of the 388 million

November 23rd morning news, mobile Internet Research Alliance (AMIR) released the first annual report shows that the current China Mobile scale of Internet users in less than 200 million, rather than the mobile phone Internet caliber statistics 388 million.

report that the exact size of China Mobile Internet users should mobile terminal intelligent ownership as a basis, therefore, strictly speaking, taking into account the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer users overlap effect, at present the actual scale of the China Mobile Internet users to 200 million, instead of the "mobile phone Internet" caliber statistics 388 million. Previously, CNNIC released the thirtieth Internet Statistics report shows that the number of Chinese mobile phone users reached 380 million, for the first time more than PC users.


report also explained that the "mobile phone" and "mobile phone users" concept has been unable to accurately understand the essence and the scale of mobile Internet, smart mobile terminal (smart mobile phone and tablet computer) and app application is the most significant factor for the current mobile internet. Therefore, the mobile phone users and mobile Internet users, there are some differences between the two concepts.


AMIR released app application activity index and mobile terminal sticky segment

, however, for the mobile Internet is 200 million users or 388 million, experts pointed out that attention should be paid to the subdivision and differentiation, not blindly pursue user size.

Wang Hansheng, director of the center for social research, Peking University, pointed out that differentiation and reorganization is the main line to understand the current China Mobile internet. With the spread of China Mobile Internet and spread, have the opportunity to present the equalization trend of terminal equipment, but the differentiation and the differences in use, use behavior, user experience, aesthetic orientation and other aspects, will constitute the basis for current and future development of mobile internet.

"too much emphasis on diffusion, unidirectional emphasis on market share, China Mobile may strengthen the Internet industry’s restlessness, is not conducive to the industry’s deep, is not conducive to the focus and innovation of specialization and the characteristics of the. Developers who are just chasing the user may lose their way." Wang Hansheng said.

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