DST’s website Mail ru plans to London listing financing 750 million

October 12th news, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Russian Internet Co Mail.ru group to accelerate its pace on the London Stock exchange. It is reported that the current amount of Mail.ru financing amounted to $750 million.

Mail.ru shareholders mainly from Russia, China and South Africa, the company is mainly engaged in independent business in the emerging Internet market.

Mail.ru announced on Monday that the company plans to be listed on the London Stock Exchange this year, the company’s current shareholders will be able to hold shares in the hands of the same as the global depositary receipts. According to sources, Mail.ru is currently valued at $5 billion, of which 15% of the company’s shares will be used for public stock trading. In a statement on Monday, Mail.ru did not disclose the specific size of IPO.

Mail.ru is a subsidiary of the Russian DST group, mainly engaged in e-mail and game sites and other services. And its parent company DST had purchased from the hands of ICQ AOL instant messaging business, shares of Russian social networking site VKontakte.ru, as well as the terminal payment system Qiwi. In addition, DST global group also has a small stake in Facebook, Zynga and Groupon, but the company has not yet officially listed.

and Chinese Tencent group strategy is similar to that of Mail.ru hope that through Russian site traffic into revenue, but do not want in Russian and search engine website Yandex NV and Google to form a positive conflict. Yuri, founder of Mail.ru, (Yuri), said in a statement on Monday, "we are pleased that we have created a new milestone in the development of the company, · (Milner)."

, according to the company’s 2009 earnings report, excluding other assets, Mail.ru revenue grew 2/3 last year, reaching $126 million 400 thousand, pre tax profit of about $55 million 500 thousand, an increase of up to 23%. The site attracts nearly 50 million independent users per month.

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