The 2014 finale tired of big acquisitions main domain name dns com

renamed China ( January 3rd hearing, in 2014 a fruitful harvest tired at the end of the day the main heavyweights in the 2014 shot again, generous to take the best domain name


figure: tired Lord micro-blog

as a DNS service provider’s best domain name, in the past 4 years changed hands twice. 2010, DNS service provider Comwired acquired and enabled the domain name. In 2011, the United States well-known software company Comodo from the hands of Comwired heavily to buy and its website, but in the first half of the year on the disabled Comodo, put on a new domain name, then users are still suspicious, why give up a Comodo Acura domain name and choose a domain name for so long.

is not currently clear tired is to spend much of the price to get the domain name, but has a series of acquisitions of,, and other gourmet tired under a satisfactory conclusion of the main is the 2014 popular domain name trading picture.

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