WeChat has been forced to ban only one basket since the media eggs are broken

the two days groups crazy pass WeChat blocked public account, many media accounts brutally murderous, put the egg in a basket of eggs are broken from the media.

scene, make people feeling quite, everyone praised from the media, from the media who have in fact end attached to the major platform, they thought that WeChat is the most independent from the media platform to open, but in fact it is the face, WeChat said it blocked a number of letters from the public media.

WeChat is not the first ban on public number, but this is a large-scale ban triggered a large number of media accounts from the backlash, it is WeChat, a large number of people broke off, how to quit. However, WeChat is in the absolute position of strength, since the media are the only public protest momentum, no reversal of reality. Look from the media outside surface bright and beautiful, is actually living vulnerable groups meal on the platform, WeChat gave numerous media accounts from the fresh lesson.

actually, it also can not blame WeChat, and WeChat is not blocked from the first, when micro-blog hot will often have the account was blocked, WeChat will move is inevitable, because everybody knows. So there are some smart people from the media, the eggs will be stored in a basket. WeChat in the media from the general can be divided into two categories, a class of media, by a number of media agencies or marketing company operations; one is the author, is a number of authors of the public accounts.

for the author, it has the ability to write, more is to test the author’s writing level, the author will be a high level of development from the media platform. Today, there are hundreds of Baidu, NetEase cloud reading, Sohu news client to choose from. However, these from the media platform editing traces are still strong, the author needs to rely on good content to conquer the editor in order to get high quality recommended bit, and then there is traffic. Although the openness of these platforms is less than WeChat, but the editors are also very conscientious, good content will be recommended.

The author compared to

, the media, are not so lucky, except those of real media with high-quality content and have long-term brand appeal, some of the name of the media under the banner of the marketing situation is not so optimistic. This type of marketing from the media account is generally unable to enter the Baidu one hundred, NetEase cloud reading, Sohu news client and other professionals from the media platform, so had to rely on the development of WeChat public account platform. WeChat is now heavily shot blocked, another kind of WeChat, WeChat which day if jittery, policy change, once again blocked, finally may be nothing left.

WeChat blocked events on easecredit is a good thing, which forced many from the media account or to ease credit transfer, the potential risk of all the energy pressure on WeChat is too large, especially the marketing background of public number, hundreds of Baidu, NetEase, Sohu and other cloud reading news client to enter finally, another part can be put into the egg easecredit public number in the basket, to prevent accidents hungry.

public information, easy to believe the public level

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