COA denied that it had been acquired by Google the online press release forged

Beijing time on November 27th morning news, the wireless Internet provider ICOA CFO Erwin · Waerxin (Erwin Vahlsing, Jr) said on Monday that Google is not the acquisition of the company.

Waerxin published email said in a statement, Google has claimed that the price of $400 million acquisition of a ICOA network news release "is a fake". ICOA CEO George · (George Strouthopoulos) also in another e-mail, said the company has never been any negotiations with any potential acquirer".

said earlier on Monday that had bought ICOA for $400 million for the first time on, with the aim of further diversifying its already impressive portfolio of subsidiaries". This press release lists the contact information for ICOA and describes the company’s business. The company is headquartered in Rhodes Island (Warwick), the main business is operating in the airport, hotels and retail stores and other public places WiFi hotspots. said in a statement that the "fraudulent" press release comes from "the identity theft" that happens occasionally in all large wireless services. The statement also said that the press release is not issued or authorized ICOA, and pointed out that the matter has been transferred to the relevant authorities for further investigation". After the release of the website, the The Associated Press and other media and bloggers reported the deal, and ICOA issued a statement saying the deal had not happened.

In an interview, Mr.

said he first learned of the fake press release from a company investor who sent him an e-mail. Then he immediately called the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the executive branch, the agency requested the suspension of trading activities ICOA shares. "The press release from where, to what it was ignorant, and we don’t want any part." He also noted that ICOA does not use the press release service.

Waerxin jokingly said: "I believe that if I really worked with Google dialogue, so no $400 million so much is enough."

ICOA shares are not listed on the stock exchange, but in a OTC Pink store in the open market, its stock price has long been hovering near zero level. The price of the stock rose from $0.0001 to $on Monday, and then fell back to $0.0004, according to statistics from the Google website. The so-called "head market transactions" (Over-the-counter Market Trans>)

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