Since the media platform for a number of WeChat fled the olive branch

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WeChat 5 version of the choice of folding public account, perhaps because of the user experience considerations – a lot of times, full screen unread message is an unbearable burden. On the other hand, also shows that WeChat’s attitude towards the public account, no longer as strong as the early support, and some even considered cumbersome. In the opinion of some public account operators, this somewhat tusigoupeng means; however, foreign also have claimed that the "5 fold fooling, impact on us, to have a higher rate".

especially for the public account since the media, WeChat as their main position only once, had brought a large number of subscribers, and with huge influence. The influence is any form of media diligently strive after.

WeChat adjustment over the past period of time, this adjustment for most of the media class accounts are a major weakness, because of its fundamental development and growth has shaken, so that the media’s living space has been squeezed. Fortunately, this situation did not last too long, since the media have not had time to grieve, we have found a better prospect in front of waiting.

hills giant companies actively absorb from the media

abandoned by WeChat, a big ticket platform is being followed up.

even in the era of information flooding, the real quality of content is still scarce. A large extent, excellent from the media are media content platform should output source berserk. Since WeChat abandoned from the media, Sohu news client, easy to believe the public platform, 360 from the media platform and other giants have shot, released from the media friendly signal.

Under the

circumstances change, since the media once again become xiangbobo, that "content is king" is still valid. The more channels, the more positive from the media.

to the Sohu news client for example, because of the late start, in the battle for the portal news client in absolute disadvantage. But the Sohu’s early attempts to build the platform on the client, including the introduction of all kinds of newspapers and magazines, with the media since the concept of hot, Sohu news client has through the market and the BD team draw a batch of media assigned, and even dug directly from the media who do the operation, in order to bring some changes.

easy letter is a platform can not be ignored. Yi letter at the beginning of the birth of a large number of users quickly gathered, and in the first version of the update to join the public platform. As a kind of WeChat products, easy to believe in absorbing media assigned have inherent advantages, only the account operators without cumbersome set of data translation. Although compared with WeChat, easy letter is a small platform, but on the one hand is WeChat decisively abandoned, on the one hand is easy to actively embrace the letter, a lot of people from the media or the choice of the first time to join the easy letter public platform. According to official data, less than a month, the number of easy to believe that the number of users exceeded 10 million, the audience group >

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