The wall pushed people to face the dilemma of Google in China

nearly a week, Google hit two in china. First, this month, Sina and Google search cooperation contract expires. And Sina has been removed from the site Google search service, currently using its own search technology. But Tianya community for the first time disclosed on Wednesday, was completed by the end of last year, Google shares held by the company. And said it would open an office in Singapore and the United States in the first half of this year to enter the overseas market. As Google’s two important partners in the country, Sina and the end of the exit, for Google is not a successful localization strategy can be described as worse. Although Google executives repeatedly stressed that "never give up China", but in the domestic "enemies", especially for the government management disdain with Baidu’s strong momentum, Google still hasn’t adapted to the domestic market in Chinese Internet has been said of an aged person.

strong pressure but long bow, even if Google in the world and dare to challenge Microsoft, YAHOO, has become a model for the banner of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, its market share has been stable, orderly expansion of business. But it can be said that from March last year Google sudden exit China storm has a year in China, the trouble is nevercorpuscles. Exit China trouble although a lot of people behind, raise a Babel of criticism of, but eventually get out of the dirty, and ultimately escape domestic censorship. Many Internet users may have been found, through Google search, often appear the page can not be normal display tips. People in the industry know what this is all about. This is great for Google search, a normal search can lead to a decline in user experience and stickiness. Secondly, make a lot of users mistakenly think that after the launch of Google Chinese failed for censorship has seriously affected the reputation of compromise. This has been suppressed by Baidu’s breathless Google in the Chinese search market share decline accelerated.

even a number of executives repeatedly stressed that Google has never given up on China, but it has been faced with the development of the dilemma faced by the parties from last year to now. Shortly after the announcement last year, Google announced the end of the world to come and the end of the question and answer technical support, the current two products by the end of the independent operation. This also led to a review of today’s Google holdings, independent operation of the situation. In October last year, Google and its seven agents in East China dispute, make the agency door event. Also let the relationship between agents and the deterioration of the moment in china. Google has not yet submitted the application of the network map license, map services in the domestic business outlook is also very worrying. Over the past year, many have come to the development of unfavorable news Google. Add Baidu share rising and the business expansion, whether it is Google itself or the external environment, are faced with hitherto unknown dilemma, if push everyone down the wall besieged on all sides, there are many points, after all, thin dead camel than ma. But Google’s prospects in China but did not show a glimmer of light, although Google will also be in the Chinese market to carry out more new business, but the current awkward position for a company like Google, it means failure.

data show Google fourth last year

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