am interested in the completion of the 20 million round of the B round of the United States and th

[Abstract] after the interest of my travel network may move to the mobile terminal or multi destination travel market two-way force.


technology news (Fan Xiaodong) September 18th news, I am interested in travel today announced that it has completed a $20 million B round of financing, led by Tencent, Morningside capital with the cast.

I am interested in the creation of the former president of mango net by Huang Zhiwen in October 2013, the main U.S. travel market, in April this year, formally launched. The present resources of tourist destination products has been completed, including United Inn, car rental, shuttle service, local offered, personality characteristics of play, visas, insurance, phone cards and other tens of thousands of products, before the media reported, I am interested in travel to get millions of dollars Morningside capital investment.

for "why choose the main American market", Huang Zhiwen’s explanation can be summarized as "a large, wide" two main factors: first, in 2012 the number of China to the United States is 1 million 400 thousand, 2013 is 1 million 780 thousand, 2014 will be more than 2 million, this is a fast growing market, while new business projects focusing on the United States travel can avoid the same industry giants of the competition. Second, the United States diverse forms of tourism, the United States to do fine products, to explore a set of standardized model, but also to copy the model to other countries to use.

now, I am interested in Hotel Travel Network in the United States, there are nearly thirty thousand, car rental nearly models of nearly 1000 car, nearly 40 airports 200 shuttle machine products, 200 scenic spots, 100 show tickets, meet the personalized product of pure travel demand 1300 kinds. Including the United States, Manhattan, a helicopter supercar astronaut training, pool parties and tour delicacy, half self-help type local offered about 1000 products.

it is understood that after the B round of financing I am interested in the travel network may move to the destination or multi destination travel market two-way force.

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