Tmall return policy custom class does not support no reason to return

"pre-sale does not support 7 days no reason to return" to "custom commodities do not support 7 days no reason to return

"network of goods and services from promotions management Interim Provisions" for public comment, which is clear: the network promotion organizers shall not be used in terms of format, set the "refundable deposit, the pre-sale of goods does not apply no reason to return 7 days’ provisions. Reporters found that the famous electricity supplier Tmall has made changes to the relevant provisions of return.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce on January 6th "centralized network of goods and services promotion management Interim Provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the "Interim Provisions") began soliciting opinions, banned during the promotional period "refundable deposit, do not enjoy the 7 days no reason to return" and other business behavior, the consumers will no longer appear or suck terms.

"I bought Tmall mall CHEERS flagship store in November 6, 2014 the sale of the product, deposit 99 yuan, because I have something on November 11th, second days before the payment, I do not know in case of closing the deal does not come down, why?" a netizen said.

reporter search Tmall pre-sale found that since 2011, every year consumers have encountered a deposit in advance and can not be returned. In addition, the store also stated in the rules: the pre-sale pre-sale does not support 7 days no reason to return.

on the above, the Interim Provisions for consumer rights provides legal basis. Article ninth stipulates: "network promotion organizers shall not be used in terms of format, setting the refundable deposit, the pre-sale for 7 days no reason to return, to explain the goods in good condition, increase the limit conditions of refund, exclude or limit the rights of consumers, reduce or exempt from provisions of the operator responsibility, increased consumer responsibility unfair. Reasonable." For the violation of the provisions of the business, in accordance with the "consumer protection law," the provisions of the investigation, and the object is the operator of the network trading platform (that is, the network focused on promotion operators).

for the reasons for the failure of the network to focus on the promotion of business operators, should be in accordance with the provisions of the contract law civil liability. This also means that, after the promotion began, consumers once the payment, online shopping platform operators have no right to unilaterally cancel the order, it also reminded to many business platform operators: the name of promotional guise, but eventually cancel orders paid out behavior is no longer business behavior, more alleged violations of law.

Tmall pre-sale deposit is not refundable

yesterday, the reporter learned that Tmall has adjusted the "Tmall booking business management standard" provisions on the return of the sixteenth "return", from "Tmall sale does not support 7 days no reason to return service" is changed to "Tmall products in the pre-sale of goods does not support custom class 7 days no reason to return service, the provisions of other goods for Tmall 7 days no reason to return service". The rule change was in November 2014 1>

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