Music as the Jiangsu TV electricity supplier to join the Spring Festival Gala how to play

it is well-known from the media reported in August 30th, three, director of the chief editor’s office deputy director, senior vice president of the Li Li music video content and Jiangsu TV channel Chen Qiqing announced the music video and Jiangsu TV co hosted the 2016 LETV 919 fans Carnival night. Jiangsu TV and music network live synchronization.

and iconic Ali "double 11", "618", the Jingdong as "919 fans Carnival" is the music as the mall began planning since 2013, the electricity supplier of promotional activities. According to iResearch released B2C mall monthly coverage of the number of reports, as the number of music stores last month in May last year reached 45 million 50 thousand people. LETV super responsible Zhao Yicheng said that last year the fans Carnival invested a total of 500 million yuan, the total sales of 1 billion 780 million yuan.

music as long as the activities of the Jiangsu satellite TV brewing time, officially began to prepare for a month and a half ago. As the main platform for the local TV cross year, Jiangsu satellite TV has 5 years experience in hosting a large party. About the joint party’s original intention, "Li Li said through a field activity, a marketing to sell, do content + hardware + electricity supplier."

content + electricity supplier

cooperation with the TV to promote the form of electricity supplier in the form of the party is not new. Last year, Tmall and Hunan TV to hold the "double eleven" carnival night in Beijing water cube, Hunan satellite TV, Youku and mango TV and live.

the same day, the joint Jingdong Canxing production to build 11.11 Jingdong "Beijing" – a song contest like the night party, and at the same time in the CCTV arts channel (CCTV3) broadcast etc.. At the same time, micro-blog, WeChat and other social platforms and real-time interaction with consumers. July of this year, from the double eleven there are 4 months, Tmall announced that it will cooperate with Zhejiang satellite TV double eleven party.

from the production scale and star lineup, the party has no less than the level of business TV Spring Festival and new year’s Eve level, according to Chen Qiqing, "919 night" music director, director for this year’s New Year party and the Dragon Boat Festival program of Jiangsu TV Project Director Wang xi. In terms of technology, please is the best dance team, stage design and lighting design in Europe’s top. Just like the annual party."


this is also reflected in the other electricity supplier party, Tmall 2015 double eleven party by Feng Xiaogang served as director, he had directed the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2014. In addition, to participate in the production of Hunan satellite TV, flowers and young and cross year concert Liao Ke team also joined forces to participate in the production.

this is a win-win cooperation, the traditional TV broadcast platform and help to expand the propaganda campaign star. Although Ali did not disclose the evening spending, but the media, last year, Tmall double eleven cost of the whole party about 50 million yuan, compared to the people of the

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