360 to store challenge the Baidu direct number deep O2O

review: October 10, 2014, 360 in Beijing held the first digital world congress to "witness the power of numbers" as the theme. At the meeting, the 360 announced the launch of 360 marketing platform, 360 platforms, 360 poly effect to shop through three commercial goods, including "360" is a direct challenge to shop through Baidu direct number.


released three commercial products

360 marketing platform first launched 360 data decision system and 360 dotting advertising system. 360 vice president Yu Guangdong said, Baidu’s data is based on the needs of the chain of information search, Taobao is based on the purchase and payment of business chain users, QQ is a social chain, mainly rely on social access to data. 360 in these data collection is quite large. These massive depth, multi terminal cross screen and full behavior chain of big data bottle, can provide accurate decision-making basis for the 360 data decision system.

360 advertising system is relying on the 360 browser, search, navigation and other resources to achieve the account open, so as to provide advertisers with precise classification and precise target audience. Unlike Baidu, the Tencent is 360, the data will be open, provide free data service, and to cooperate with Ogilvy, iResearch and three party platform, implementation authority and transparent assessment of the effect of advertising. In the interview, eLong CEO Cui Guangfu, also said that the move allows them to put into the game before the game into a more convenient state, free data acquisition and analysis.

another 360 poly effect platform is a cross screen open Ad Exchange traffic trading platform, Internet advertising can provide one-stop marketing solutions. 360 to shop for the majority of O2O businesses and brand customers mobile marketing platform, relying on the basis of the most mobile phone Tonghua features, set up the interaction between businesses and users, communication and marketing.

360 to store links to challenge the Baidu direct number, deep O2O

in three products, no doubt the most attention to the shop through 360. The 360 way to shop through the operation: if the user using a mobile phone to a business call, or received a business phone, the 360 will automatically generate business telephone business pages, if the phone is busy or intercepted, can transfer online transactions through the Yellow pages.

360 vice president Yu Guangdong said, he believes that the future trend of O2O will turn to O2O2O, namely offline-online-offline, his "entrepreneurs" & I horse said, the future transaction is the first online track users may see ads or online, through the online platform after the occurrence of the behavior, then turn to the next line of consumer. And 360 to shop through this trend is to launch.

At present,

, BAT and Jingdong, millet in Pinqiang market > O2O

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