Experience sharing relying on the promotion of marketing software

with the development of the Internet, many new sites also have a lot of new emerge in an endless stream, the promotion of software and tools operating and health, for our personal webmaster, sometimes a person can not completely manual update all the content, do all the manual promotion, so we must use some useful software or small gadget help us, so today with this phenomenon, coupled with their own software on these a little understanding, and we summarize my views on the use of software to do some marketing promotion.

find out the first goal of their promotion

site to do the promotion of the objectives and goals of the site is somewhat similar, is a very delicate goal, rather than the general said to increase the flow or direct profit. Such as the recent target site is the day to attract 5 members to come to registration, website promotion is the goal of 20 forums, more than 300 person to see, and finally someone down the post content provided by your own website to achieve membership registration. This is just a simple example, the reality of the situation is bound to be more complex, but we have to figure out what their promotional objectives, not long-term goals, but the shortest. For example, my golden marketing terminal, in order to make membership registration, so as to increase visibility, is ultimately more profitable, so I post every day in addition to hand, will release the soft, will use some software to promote the collocation, the overall effect is good.

what kind of website is suitable for tools

second to recognize the problem is what type of website use batch tool post, there are owners worry that if the more will be search engine punishment, in fact, no problem. The most important is that if you start, then insist for a long time, do not send a stop for a while, because your site night suddenly a lot of message or external links, will cause the attention of the search engine, but if you insist on sending it, no problem, even if the quality of these links very low also never mind. The weight of this truth is similar to the gov domain name, but gov doesn’t have special weight, but it is very stable, not like the same person standing today, modify the title, tomorrow attacked the abnormal situation, so the accumulated weight is relatively high. Like the golden marketing as its target station, not entirely on the SEO, a high conversion rate is the key, therefore, don’t be afraid of the search engine, but some of the search engines relatively strong dependence on different sites.

target different choice different

in the usual promotion, the original article is the most commonly used update, another is his post do external links, or use blogs to transfer the weight, but if all people hand then obviously the workload is relatively large, so it is best to use some tools, the more common are some blog software, blog group software. In particular, blog group software, there are a lot of webmaster said not to use, but also have a lot in use, because although the success rate is not high, >

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