Baidu released the country’s first search marketing standards search marketing standards and norms

under the guidance of the China Internet association, China Communications Standards Association, the search engine company Baidu in September 23rd released the country’s first search marketing standards and norms. The first phase of the standard specification defines the search marketing (SEM) industry terminology and marketing steps, the latter will start SEM personnel training and certification. Insiders said that the search for marketing standardization, in order to enhance the formal nature of the field, put an end to irresponsible marketing behavior

at present, search marketing has gradually become the mainstream of Internet marketing positions, but the search marketing is still in the initial stage, the enterprise awareness is generally low, and some irresponsible search engines also let search marketing faces some criticism. Therefore, the combination of the two Baidu guidance unit at this time to release a new standard is not surprising.

speculation, the market share of more than 73% of Baidu’s release of the standard and trying to establish a system of certification, you can take the opportunity to enhance the right to speak to the search marketing industry chain. For Baidu will be issued by the standard expansion of their strength. Baidu COO Ye Peng said: we just do it first, does not rule out any search engine vendors to join."

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