How to get customer information resources through WeChat marketing

not long ago, when the Chengdu digital cube sales representative in the communication between the client and the opinion, have a series of products to the enterprises as they do this, in building their own independent website at the same time, ignoring another important thing, is the lack of promotion tools to obtain customer information resources. Not only them, many small and medium-sized enterprises to set foot on the construction site when they are not considered this, they simply feel good website, welcome to visit our company website product information, call the customer service phone number to contact us. It is true that this phenomenon is there, but the initiative to visit your site is very few users, because they do not understand your site, perhaps not heard.

of course, we know that a new website always need some time to let you know, but this process is very long, also involves some knowledge of website optimization, namely how to make your website ranking in the Baidu home page, of course, you can use Baidu auction to make net station quickly entering the home, but the high cost of this I don’t think the general hidden below the enterprise can afford. Then the enterprise website popularity is not high, will not be able to quickly obtain customer information resources, is also not conducive to enterprises to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, is no other way to obtain customer information? The answer is negative, not only, but this method is also very effective! > digital cube for customers to do a "Toshiba Munich Shanghai electronics show WeChat marketing activities under the line", and achieved good results, a short time to obtain customer information resources for thousands of enterprises have targeted marketing to follow up to the pre. Xiao Bian to this case as an opportunity to share with you how the enterprise through WeChat marketing to obtain customer information resources.

1 do a good job in the preparation of the relevant enterprise website construction

is a decent atmosphere of enterprise website is the prerequisite for customers to understand your company business, not only by the phone or door sales is described, the company level is not high, give people a feeling of distrust. The construction of their own company website, according to the company’s products, enterprise qualification, advantage characteristics of column is best placed in the striking position, let people know that your company is what, what can bring to the customers. Note that the site should have information or contact the online customer service, so that customers pay attention to the follow-up information for days after the intention. Online customer service window not too frequent, otherwise easily lead to user dissatisfaction, leading to the closure ", loss of user traffic.

2 planning WeChat marketing activities, the amount of users to the site to

how planning can be based on the needs of industry, but the purpose is the same, is the marketing activities to attract users, let them go to the web page or leave their own industry, contact information, the specific how to do? Digital cube to give you a reference sample.

assume that your company is doing electrical products, such as water heaters. So >

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