Baidu a Tencent you really do sleep without any anxiety

Baidu, China mobile search market. Tencent, Chinese IM mobile phone market. Baidu and Tencent QQ with more than 60% market share. Some industries that dominate the internet.

wings, to fly, so in recent years, the price of Baidu advertising, artificial intervention, QQ products, crazy money, so many people in the industry bad reviews.

but with market share, the development of monopoly, basically ignore those public opinion and competitors.


, Baidu, Tencent, you really have a

sleep without any anxiety?

indeed, in Chinese, Internet users are used to follow the trend, along with the trend, do not pay attention to personal experience, so can let you.

, however, does not mean you can be a single large, although your competitors to survive in the cracks difficult, if the strategy, bite, you fall, want to turn over difficult.

don’t believe me.

Baidu, what did you start in China, technology? Oh yes, indeed, Baidu is relying on technology started in china. But I also believe that Baidu is the development of an open market, the market is the search engine market. This market is the great People’s Republic of China Internet search engine market. You open up the market, the market demand naturally meet you, so you have a large number of users. Don’t talk about technology, technology on Google is not worse than you, don’t talk about Chinese segmentation, using Google search out results than you, don’t talk about the user experience, with your search, is full of advertising. What you rely on is the habit of the great Chinese people’s habits. Because you are used to, so it will not easily replaced by other search engines.

of course, Baidu you also have a lot of successful products, such as stick, know. But more, you are relying on the habits of Internet users, have a high market share.

is your biggest rival Google, is a wrong lion, you don’t think this lion go wrong is a waste, but it back to bite you, you have to bang, regardless of the weather. Why, because they are better than you, people’s search experience than you strong, people’s market reviews better than you, until the day when the Internet users found Google better than you use, you will not be far off the day. Remember a straggler said, if the owners are outdated manufacturing dumpster, virus station, porn station, and then raped Baidu, so users can not use Baidu, if this time Google inserted a high-profile publicity, the user suddenly went to the full google. At that time, the technology is not worse than you, and search experience better than you, then you want to turn over the difficult.

say Tencent, it can be regarded as the highest market share of Chinese Internet companies, with two small penguins (a male mother). Internet users can not do without them, and then develop various types of production >

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