How to protect the interests of individual sellers in e commerce transactions

electronic commerce in the Internet economy in fully reflected in the use of online shopping fiery and rapid development, the economic model is accepted by more and more consumers and businesses, electronic commerce is a new business model, it has achieved vigorous development, and will become the mainstream mode of future business activities. In such a large development in the future, we can see that the e-commerce platform in a trading environment for the promotion of sellers, but for the majority of sellers, whether the goods in which e-commerce trading platform, trading disputes occur can hardly be avoided. I would like to remind you the seller, to minimize transaction disputes, the dispute occurred when the transaction to be processed in a timely manner, and should pay attention to handling trade disputes skills, and buyers to avoid intensifying the conflict, reduce unnecessary trouble, safeguard their rights and reputation. How can we effectively avoid the occurrence of trade disputes the following provides some ways to avoid trade disputes to protect their own rights and interests of the majority of individual sellers to do a reference:

first, product information truthfully

with the rapid development of electronic commerce, and consumer e-commerce operation mode of the accept and use and expand the scope of selection of goods, consumer behavior and consumer demand have undergone a fundamental change. The accumulation of consumer online shopping experience, which leads to more and more rational consumption of online shopping. For the price of goods will do well, just on the website is a can have a general understanding of the need to purchase the goods price, not because they do not understand the commodity market and deceived; at the same price, consumers will pay more attention to product quality and business reputation are all reliable. Therefore, the seller should work harder in the quality of goods, to provide consumers with quality goods. Program supermarket commodity distribution system according to the characteristics of the industry will be a detailed decomposition of commodity information, the seller simply fill in according to the characteristics of the product. No exaggeration to mislead buyers. Most of the trade disputes are caused by the discrepancy between the goods and the description.

1, commodity basic information truthfully fill in

2, detailed product description

3, fill in the after-sales service information

seller in the release of commodity information or consultation with the buyer before the sale, it is best to reflect the product itself, such as the existence of defects, to avoid the unpleasant because of the concealment. Only truly stand the test of the market, the market is really popular products and services will be invincible in the competition.

two, seriously deal with the agreement

transaction agreement is an important part of e-commerce platform, but also the basis for resolving disputes and evidence. General in the pre-sale seller and the buyer both will reach a unified agreement on the deal, the agreement includes: firstly, the seller, buyer seller to list information, agree with the information, without any comments directly to buy this commodity; the seller agreement information first, buy.

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