20 investors 1 years of the 5 round of financing investors and entrepreneurs crazy whirlwind bike

Abstract: a lot of people have such a feeling: sharing a bicycle overnight fire. In fact, however, is Money talks, bullshit walks., capital boost. Shared bikes are often compared to drops in Uber mode, but there is a clear difference between them, that is, sharing bikes "cars" are in the "no master" state.

suddenly like a night of spring breeze, sharing the fire of the bike, if you are confused about the reasons for its popularity, I can not tell you responsibly, it is to rely on the rapid financing occupy the center of public opinion.

news October 10th, following the 9 at the end of ofo sharing single vehicle drops travel tens of millions of dollars C1 round of investment strategy, it also won the Coatue, millet, CITIC Industrial Fund collar vote, Jing Yuan capital, Yuri Milner and Chinese, Jinsha River drops, Jingwei venture capital and other old investors with the cast C2 round of financing, the total completion the $130 million C round of financing.

"Crazy" shared bike

According to

C1, C2’s turn to count, ofo has completed 5 rounds of financing this year, this to everyone in the "winter today, is not surprising. While its rival Mobell also completed the C round of financing, both sides of the tug of war has just begun. What’s more, there are like Xiaoming bicycle latecomers catching big, financing is thick and fast. Let’s take a look at the history of the three financing:


ofo financing history


bicycle Mobell financing history


told bicycle financing history

can be seen from the picture above, v-mobile bicycle is in less than 2 months after completion of the B round and C round of financing, later told bicycle is completed the angel and A round of financing in less than half a month’s time. From the point of view of public information, there are 20 investors into the high-profile market. Perhaps it should be another way, the 20 investment into the Council, so that this emerging market is very bright.

is just one race each other on the financing. Previously, ofo for the fortune in the campus, can only be used by a limitation of the model in Beijing city university. And after the financing, ofo announced that in addition to sharing bicycles on campus, will be carried out in the urban scene services. According to sources, it will begin today (October 10th) trial run in Shanghai, tomorrow will start trial operation in Beijing. The initial test run area of Beijing first choice of Zhongguancun and the west, because of the intensive use of the scene, and the formation of regional circulation. It broke the previous city traffic was almost Mobell bicycle occupation situation.

is the founder of bicycle before Xiaoming co-founder of campus life service platform curtilage meters, in spite of the resources, "

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