Biography Xinhua online shopping guoso cn domain name or push independent search

news August 16th, according to industry well-known domain name investors said, after launched an independent search platform for people’s search for, another official news portals will launch independent search platform in search of

according to news reports, Xinhua news agency and China Mobile signed an agreement in Beijing, the two sides will cooperate in the establishment of a new media national communications company, launched a new search engine cooperation. After that, I learned that the recent registration of domain name has quietly changed into Xinhua Network Co., ltd.. The domain name was also acquired by xinhua.

Xinhua in 2008 launched the search service, has been included in the station news search, pictures, web pages, community, video and multilingual search. In recent years, with the support of the state, state-owned enterprises and institutions to enter the Internet market in various fields, China’s Internet structure is facing major adjustments. Such as the food into the B2C shopping areas, creating the network I bought; CCTV into the network video field, integration of Chinese network TV

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