Google AdSense release RSS version

according to Digital Inspiration reported that you can now set up for RSS Google AdSense, and in order to take care of AdSense, Google also stopped the FeedBurner advertising service. If you subscribe to the Digital Inspiration, you should be able to see the ad at the bottom of his article.

(pictures are from Digital Inspiration)

in feeds AdSense ads are correlated, and slogans (468× 60) and medium rectangle (300× 250) optional, and you can select text ads or image ads, or it can be a mixture of the two.

below is a post on the SEO article shows the source of the AdSense ad screenshot – attention to the relevance of advertising:

AdSense publishers can choose the frequency of advertising in the article and the number of ads in a short article in the show.

The difference between

and FeedBurner ads is that you can choose whether the location of the Google AdSense in the subscription source is the top or bottom of the article:

this ad has two advantages,

1 advertising is very good correlation, in favor of advertisers get more revenue.

2 FeedBurner is more popular in the United States, but Google almost touches every corner of the world, so advertisers can more effectively manage advertising.

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