Alipay responded to the rumors only capital account leaks leakage is safe

CSDN, Tianya user data leakage, electricity supplier in the field of Dangdang, Jingdong mall was also involved, but this is not the end, with the "leak door continuous fermentation, the user has been defined as" safe "third party payment platform has become a potential leaker". Yesterday, the domestic security issues cloud feedback platform has exposed millions of Alipay users of this information has been leaked, Alipay responded that only the account leaked, not a threat to the safety of users of funds.


user security threats

The Jingdong

exposed security vulnerabilities mall yesterday, the clouds once again released vulnerability reports that Alipay user information was leaked a lot, for the network marketing, leaked a total of 15 million to 25 million, leakage of time unknown". Because the leaked information is only a user account without a password, the cloud safety hazard classification of this vulnerability as "low", but as the first domestic third party payment platform, Alipay alleged security vulnerabilities, let the industry scared out in a cold sweat "".

Because most

users will cash stored in Alipay, if Alipay disclosure of user information, it means that users of funds under threat. Many users lamented on the Internet, there is no information about what the site will not leak".

for this vulnerability cloud report, Alipay immediately issued a notice yesterday of "clarification", stressed that the Alipay account is not private information can be collected in many places. Only the account does not have a password, the user does not threaten the safety of funds. Alipay said it has taken the financial level of information security standards, to protect user information and financial security.

The relevant person in charge of Alipay’s

said, for security reasons, the network data server and Alipay is isolated from the outside, can not directly access the database, the user login system on the platform usually accounts, passwords and other information are 128 bit SSL encryption, hackers can not intercept. "There is no private anyone can get users from Alipay’s password and other information, no past, no future, please rest assured." Alipay’s announcement categorically said.

security specialist:

or Alipay

password leaked information exposure

to get the password from Alipay, Alipay does not represent the user account without risk." Internet security experts Shi Xiaohong think.

the leak incident has caused billions of Internet users suspected of leaking account and password, although Alipay this batch of leaked user information in only the account without a password, but "heart" and the database has been leaked after the comparison is not necessarily can not find the password. At the same time, because Alipay account for electronic mail, if the user’s e-mail address and password has been compromised, then Alipay account may also be no longer safe.

Shi Xiaohong suggested that the account has been leaked Alipay users fixed as soon as possible.

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