Yang Wenjian the perfect transition from free to charge

A few days ago to go to Chibi to play the Lushui Lake

. Phoenix bird show. The parrot trainer said this is a completely free performance, see the parrot riding a bicycle, picking up trash and distinguish the 12 zodiac Chinese characters. At the end of a program is to let the audience to interact with the birds, to see whether the bird is to let the audience know the RMB, holding more than 5 yuan RMB to see whether the bird will be over hunting, of course is to put money to the hunting bird trainer.

free is the most expensive, but also the best way to promote. Most of the time, when we have accumulated a lot of popularity from free, but found it difficult to go to charge free of charge, when free into a fee, the cost of spending a lot of time to accumulate free users lost. Today, we have to seriously consider free products, from a commercial point of view is not completely free of charge, only temporary free. Free to open the market for the latter sales services. The parrot show is a good example of a free entry for a free event.

free is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing weapon. First to give, such as free trial, download the trial version, etc.. Now the anti-virus software is a free trial for a few months, and then let the charges expire. But when it comes to charges, a lot of free customers lost. Why is this


first, the problem of user groups. Some free users are just for free. Free to become a fee. Because it can not provide a good upgrade service, or there are many peers to provide free services with the charges almost. As Taobao is using the free development of beat, but when taobao.com became C2C’s boss, or not and some eBay offers free shop service, only through the sale of PU and YAHOO through indirect profit. Most of the user groups Taobao online shop began just to play, a lot of amateur players can not be in order to shop and delivered to Taobao every year the number of platform service charges.

second, the value of free enough to impress people. When you give the user the free value of 10 yuan, you want to give the user to get a fee of 100 of the service or product, such a fee model is certainly difficult to promote. The right should be to give you 10 times the value of the user, only to get a return of 1 times.

third, did not deal with free to charge smooth over. When the user is free to use the product is very happy, suddenly jumped out of a charging box, the reason is not sufficient enough to charge. These results can only scare away free users.


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