Ministry of Commerce said e commerce credit certification is corporate behavior

NetEase science and technology news November 3rd news, for the recent controversial group buying site credit authentication, the Ministry of Commerce once again stand, said the certification is only corporate behavior.

the end of last month, a company called "China International Electronic Commerce Center of the company in Beijing, announced the first batch of the certified 29 group purchase website list, and issued a" certification rules of electronic commerce credit ".

this credit certification, is believed to be able to set up the credibility of the domestic market to buy chaos, but there are a lot of media questioned the agency is not directly under the Ministry of Commerce, the list is not authoritative.

this, the Ministry of Commerce in the list released the same day to the media clearly stated that the certification rules and the Ministry of commerce does not have any relationship.

according to the public information on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, "Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center" is the construction of informatization of Department of Commerce executive and technical support unit, but the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of the departments did not exist China International Electronic Commerce center.

according to media reports, China International Electronic Commerce Center, the absolute holding company is China International Agel Ecommerce Ltd, which is just a third party business service platform.

on the identity of the identity of the certification body has been questioned, but also news, through the certification of enterprises, the need to pay 45 thousand yuan to the certification body.

Chinese international electronic commerce center responsible person responded by saying, this is "non-profit" credit certification, certification fee is because the credit certification will involve investigation, filing, supervision and produce.

yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce issued a document to be proposed to build a 50-70 e-commerce demonstration backbone enterprises within 3-5 years. Media quoted the Ministry of commerce business services management department official said, the demonstration project and China International Electronic Commerce Center certification does not have any relationship. The certification is only an enterprise behavior, and the demonstration project, is responsible for accepting the declaration by the provincial department in charge of commerce.

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