The sun out of the sunrise industry online shopping market blank waiting for the pioneer below

after the paper out of the "sunrise industry": a blank of the online shopping market, waiting for the "pioneer"! (on), focuses on the analysis of the blank and the demand of elderly clothing online shopping market, describes the feasibility of establishing a middle-aged clothing online shopping platform, today we will focus on a after the establishment of the platform, your target customer positioning in the crowd? Specific how to operate the


1, the target consumer groups positioning, because the middle-aged group is basically not how the Internet, then, our target consumer groups, certainly can not be located in this age group. There may be a lot of people will be surprised, selling old clothes, but not in the elderly will be located in the consumer groups, young people do not want to locate on the website of the target consumer groups? Yes, we will target consumers in the 18-35 age, have certain consumption ability on class family and College students. There is an old saying goes: filial piety! Zunlaoaiyou, elders, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. China is vast territory and abundant resources, more mobility, many workers and college students, is a learning and leave the background to work, every father’s day, mother’s day, the Double Ninth Festival, Spring Festival and other important festivals, thanks to his parents always bear bitter hardships up, want to buy a gift for my parents, such as clothes, health care goods, to repay their parents. Several major festivals throughout, especially the Spring Festival, many people due to various reasons, can not return home, so want to buy a set of clothes to parents, but often suffer from work and study, no time to go shopping this time if there is a selection of clothing online shopping platform, specialized sales in old clothes, buy directly online, by courier to the parents it is very convenient.

2, website promotion ideas! The website promotion should be flagship gift card: the idea is very simple, from one night I saw melatonin advertising on TV is on, "this year’s holiday gifts, also received gifts melatonin, melatonin advertising although vulgar, but this sentence was even three years old kid knows. So in the promotion of the site, we must focus on the theme to operate, over time, as long as there is such a demand, you will think of your site. Of course in the promotion, we don’t like melatonin so vulgar, but should think the same words and not objectionable straightforward streamline advertisement, here have to mention again the wheat bags, he to buy a bag, wheat bags "rape people’s attention, finally got the brand recognition. From the wheat bags advertising language, we can also see that the slogan to be impressive, should from two aspects to consider: demand – to buy a bag, to address the needs of wheat bags, when people have to buy a pack of demand, the first thought is that wheat bags, the same reason, we want to the clothes people send parents this demand, the first time you think that the


3, extra care! Know how to think for your customers, not just to sell products, so that your user base will be large, the rate of return will be high, then what is the extra

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