Baidu hit the ceiling in 2016 more than 10 years of accumulation of the outbreak of the problem

Baidu face is not a technical problem, but the company has no values, all look at short-term returns, can not afford the scale commensurate with its responsibility. Original title: Baidu because of the medical scandal hit the ceiling, which is more than ten years of accumulation of the outbreak of the problem (


Gong Fangyi

before the lunar new year in 2017, Baidu ushered in the establishment of 17 years, the biggest change in management.

Baidu announced Lu Gang served as the group’s chief operating officer, is fully responsible for all of Baidu’s business technology, products, operations, marketing and sales services. This is a new position inside Baidu, Baidu business executives will report to Lu Qi.

this is a big change for Baidu, Baidu China land means that the next actual person in charge.

in fact, Baidu is also in urgent need of major changes.

Baidu advertising business fell for the first time in the third quarter of 2016, down by 6.7%. This is the first time since Baidu listed in 2005, the first decline in advertising. While Baidu’s total revenue, more than 90% from advertising.


at the same time, Baidu in 2015 the focus of investment Baidu Nuomi and Iqiyi did not reverse the loss.


led Baidu market capitalization slumped in 2016, hovering around $Wuliubaiyi. Has often been used as Baidu and China’s Internet giant Alibaba and Tencent, their respective market capitalization of about $240 billion. "BAT" argument has no meaning.

Baidu often dig from foreign companies, but Lu Qi is Baidu’s most experienced managers.

Lu Qi from 2008 to join Microsoft to leave in 2016, are in charge of a division, reporting directly to the Microsoft CEO.

Microsoft’s total number of business has not been more than 10, each of which is equivalent to a small company, has a complete engineering, marketing, finance, to provide independent revenue statements. They are also responsible for a small CEO, managing the size of more than the vast majority of independent business.

in 2013 after the reorganization of Microsoft, land management business is responsible for Office, Bing, Skype and other services. Office is Microsoft’s highest profit business.

Baidu has such a familiar engineering, search and management of the company’s overall business, it sounds like a bad thing.

but you open the portal reports on the matter under review, are talking about Baidu search results without honesty, only money, fake ads kill people……

throughout the 2016, Baidu’s scandal revolves around healthcare. From the beginning of last year to sell hemophilia bar to the middle of May, "Wei Zexi" incident. This directly triggered the Baidu advertising business >

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