A little difference between different industries

is the little difference

some people say: blog what new things? Isn’t that BBS?

some people say: blog what new things? Is not the personal home page?


There are often dozens of factors in

‘s achievement, but the most important thing is often the difference.

1.blog and BBS, just a little bit

I said, blog is divided into BBS field, a household responsibility system. The original BBS is everyone’s BBS, blog is also BBS, but "I" site. I have the obligation to maintain it, promote it, pull friends come back to other people’s message. So, although there are tens of thousands of people to stop writing blog every day, but more and more people began to write, like wildfire. If you do not understand this a subtle distinction, think about Xiaogangcun’s household responsibility system to understand. Tian or the field, the person or the person, the result is very different.

2.blog and personal home page, just a little bit

blog is like a personal home page, but there are some small differences. Maybe it’s because blog reduces the process of naming files. Simple personal home page, Yahoo! GeoCities kind of, but also to write a web page, a file name, called abc.htm, and then update the link on the home page, etc.. More complex, may also use FrontPage + FTP…… Don’t underestimate this little details, do not know how much stumped hero han. Blog a topic (some do not title), a content, according to save, get. In the simplest simple place a little, the lower the threshold, more than ten times more people can use up?

a lot of new things, popular, more people to accept, often very old things, not careful, can not see the difference, but the difference, often in the smallest place. Super Girls is hot, the details of how many?

small changes to distinguish between different industries

separates the blog from the BBS area, separating the blog from the home page, adding that in the simplest case, some small changes distinguish between different industries.

just like the previous example, the blog homepage omitted period part of the name of the input file, only one input box, a save button (early blogger.com is not required for title, title to their use of the < b> marker to set up their own), this is a 1/3 reduction in workload or is the 33% change, the distinction between the two fields of blog and personal home page.

the other day I was thinking that if it was simplified in the simplest application, it could be completely different

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