08 years to participate in the Shandong General Assembly

2008 Shandong General Assembly held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 5th at University of Jinan in Shandong.

to participate in this conference is a good opportunity to learn for our grassroots webmaster, see a lot of Shandong station, learned a lot of things in the site, on the site SEO optimization, positioning and overall site, there is profit, have very good speech, also introduced some successful experiences of Shandong station it seems, do stand easy, do a good hard, but the choice of the road will go down, no matter how hard to walk it, I want to pay will have harvest, do not be halfway and fees! I am also the grass-roots origin, then I even domain name and space do not know how it is, remember 05 years in September 19th, the first wozd.com I registered domain name, then what also do not understand, is to find some website on the Internet, then the accumulation of knowledge, a little bit of that domain name, space, These three blocks, I was still in high school, put their own money to buy a 100M space, and then get some online download templates on later due to no time to engage in the website, domain name continued for a year the cost of the station was closed, when the university I study computer the specialty of information management, to take up the site, but also had an idea, do IDC business and registered with the wozd.net and wozd.cn although I didn’t stand bigger, but my plans have been thought to be good, to do a wozd.com entertainment website wozd.net IDC commercial station wozd.cn do business information website, it so I put the three domain name registration down, because I was doing the server business, and the haokeji.com technology.Com we have their own servers and cyber source. Do not know how the future trend, there has been a word "I support a person to succeed or fail, but never give up (as long as you are on the site) does not matter, should conscientiously, steadfast! Don’t do illegal things! Conscientious stand, a sense of life!

look forward to the next meeting of the general assembly


thank the organizers of the general assembly, I wish stationmaster friends to be promoted step by step to reach the peak of their respective industries,


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