B2C platform music cool day denied Baidu stop investing

November 19th news, for the news and Japan reported that Baidu stop music cool day, music cool day today issued a statement denying. According to informed sources, the first round of music cool days of financing has been put in place.

Japan’s Nikkei news media reported on November 1st, Baidu will stop the music cool days of investment and cooperation. The cool days said, the two largest shareholder of Baidu and Japan Lotte has issued a statement to deny reports when.

, according to informed sources, Baidu and Lotte on cool days of 3 years $50 million financing, has been put in place within a year.

cool days of Baidu and Japan Lotte in early 2010 jointly funded the establishment of B2C electric company, officially launched in October 2010, the disclosed information display, Baidu and Japan Lotte Lotte jointly funded, accounting for 51% of the shares, Baidu accounted for 49%. (Wen Xi)

statement reads as follows:

We have noticed that

network media reprinted a little-known Japanese media about Baidu to lift the cool days of cooperation with Japan Lotte reports. The report issued in the weeks before the day, which has received the cool days of Japan’s two shareholders and China denied Baidu’s statement. Today, the two major shares authorized by the oriental music Co., Ltd. China cool days of China’s online media on the spread of this statement issued a statement as follows:

Japan’s Nikkei

news media reported in November 1st in the cool days of the serious misrepresentation. Japan Lotte and China Baidu cool days as of now cooperation projects. The cool days as a large online shopping platform for only one year, a good momentum of development, investment work has been carried out in the country, each operation index also reached a monthly plan in accordance with the. Next, the cool days will continue to uphold the ease, convenience and happiness of online shopping experience philosophy has always been to consumers, and actively promote the development of follow the prescribed order mall business.

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