An awkward double 11 consumption changes difficult to shake the pattern of the electricity supplier

Abstract: with the increase in the level of consumer income in China, the price sensitivity is reduced. But for now, the price war in China is still the most important means to snatch market share and marketing.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on November 6th


only because of the price and gathered to consumers, because the price will only leave, although left that day is far from coming.

and those foreign counterparts to change the way of shopping "as the basic goal is different, the earliest in Chinese business" 8848 "after the fall, almost all the electricity supplier price war as the core means to get rich, living in the lakes.

from the fire came to the fire, in the price war so crazy, but also gave birth to the distribution system, the electricity supplier logistics system and Chinese tough payment system. But behind the price war, many business platform is not on the table to get the small means and waizhao. An electricity supplier industry practitioners on Tencent technology, said: behind the price war, the decline in quality and the survival of small sellers difficult."

a number of related research reports that, with the increase in the level of Chinese consumer income, the price sensitivity is reduced. But now, in the China price war is still the most important means to seize market share and marketing, this year eleven, many business platform war, still without exception resorted to price war magic.

price war is a double-edged sword

electricity supplier price war imitation objects from the traditional retail industry.

fumbled Newegg mode in the most famous Jingdong in the history of retail price butcher Gome Chinese (micro-blog) to flagrantly Yongle electrical appliances (after the acquisition of the United States), Suning has launched a price war, or even a strange scene in the price war: the United States to buy goods mostly for supplier employees, because of promotional items the price is too low, the supplier will have to choose their own promotional items panic buying back. Then Jingdong will quickly follow the price war, only one year. In the Chinese business "Whampoa  military academy" said China newegg.

in the first battle, tasted the sweetness of the price war Jingdong to spearhead Suning, Gome, then the price war broke out in 2012 815.

the emergence of such a price war is inevitable, the electricity supplier had to grow at a rate of 100%, behind China’s economic growth and the growth of the Internet population double dividend. But with the economic contraction, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, the capital market is still demanding rapid growth in electricity providers, the market share and the dual pressures facing the market share of the electricity supplier platform is the best way to launch a price war.

but the price war on the entire manufacturing Chinese have irreversible damage, although Ali, as a representative of the Jingdong business platform have repeatedly declared that Chinese consumers are value oriented from the price oriented, but the fact is that the price war training is not only the way of buying and consuming, but life the way.

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