Cbs Broadcasting nc website hacked CBS forced offline for 20 minutes


hacked Cbs Broadcasting Inc website CBS forced offline 20 minutes technology news Beijing on January 23rd news, according to the PCMag website, the hacker group Anonymous shot again, this was hacked by Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) and UniversalMusic two website.

this time, Anonymous hackers did not attack the way DDOS let CBS off the assembly line, but the use of a Web based attack, so that the site can not be informed that hackers attack.

Anonymous hackers in the morning by some way to get the root administrator privileges. Hackers claim that they can directly access the site’s files and directories. All users trying to access the CBS home page will see a directory with only foundry.html files. While trying to access the TV bookmarks or other CBS sub page users will see 404 Not Found Errors.

According to

‘s Twitter account, was forced to shut down for nearly 20 minutes, according to @youranonnews.

but CBS is not the only target of Anonymous. Universal Music main station was forced off the assembly line. Prior to this, the French media site Vivendi has also been attacked.

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